Did you know that tarot card set is a pack of playing cards that emerged sometime during the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play card games? And in some parts of the world, it is played as common as a game of romme. Interestingly enough, tarot cards weren’t used for divination work until the late 18th century that they were used for divination work.

I love the design of the cards I created last month. It’s a set of 5 cards that can be displayed on an altar or become wall art.

The World Tarot card represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle and it is an indicator of a major and inexorable change to the end of the Old and a good beginning to the New.

The Star Tarot card represents feeling inspired and it brings renewed hope and faith and a sense that you are truly blessed by the universe at this time.

The Moon Tarot Card is all about illusion and deception and suggests that you may be in a time where something is not as it appears to be. Perhaps a misunderstanding on your part, or a truth you cannot admit to yourself.

The Death Tarot Card isn’t about representing physical death, rather it implies an end, possibly of a relationship or interest, and therefore implies an increased sense of self-awareness.

The Sun Tarot Card spells of good fortune, happiness, joy, and harmony are here. The universe is coming together and in alignment with your path and supports you in the forward movement into something greater.

The set of 5 Tarot cards includes the following:

  • The World
  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • The Stars
  • The Death

I currently only have this one but if you are following along my 90-Days of creativity challenge, you see that I am working on a complete set that will be available for purchase as segments or a whole set.

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