For the last few months, we’ve been embracing ABA therapy which is understanding how behavior works in real situations. The goal is to increase behaviors that are helpful and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning.

One of the challenges we often experience is that Lennon freezes when put in the spot. He avoids any situation that could potentially put any attention on him which can make navigating the world a bit of a challenge. With him just being a few months away from 18 one of our key focuses has been to help him get as independent as possible and give him as many life skills that he can handle.

It’s become clear that he will not be working towards a driver’s license anytime soon, so learning to maneuver the public transportation system has been one of our focuses. The challenge here is that when he expands the net of places to go, he will need to ask for help to make sure he gets on the right bus. ABA therapy has helped with this process.

Asking for helps is actually one of the bigger challenges that we experience. He doesn’t want to bother people nor does he want to be a burden and his anxiety rises in case he is facing rejection directly.

I will say there has been some amazing progress and maturity but nothing that has him move out into his own apartment – especially since he still has a year of high school left ha!

We also still work with a lot of visual cues to help him with his daily schedule and the chores he does around the house.

Only time will tell if embracing ABA therapy will pay off in the long run for when he will face the world as an adult.

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