So the other night, Lennon came to me and wanted to know about his medication. Which medication he takes at night, which he takes in the morning. He looked at the bottle, attempted to pronounce the names that I hardly can pronounce.

He received his evening dose.
The next morning dose.
Then last night I hear: “Mommy, I took my medication!”


BIG DOUBLE WOO for taking charge and advocating for himself.

I am so proud of him though but it was scary because, well… did he take the right medication.

He did!

But now there are some more rules and steps we have to take to help him to ensure that he is indeed taking the right medication at the right time.

We reviewed the rules!

He can get his medications out when its time to show which one it is that he needs.

He may then, with approval, take his medication.

I will make a list of meds for the morning and the evening and tape them to the medicine cabinet. He has to read them and match the medication of course.

Just the other day I was a bit down because he struggles academically so much as he is a year behind his peers.

But then there is this… screw academics when real life is so much bigger. When my kid gets that meds keep him alive, they help him throughout the day.

Lesson’s to be learned indeed.

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