The initial report is there is a blockage on the vena cava vein. This means that if another liver transplant is recommended that more surgeons may be needed in the OR due to the added complication. The vena cava is a kind of important piece as it allows the blood flow to the heart…

The Surgeon said that within the next week we will have a recommendation on how to proceed. This is kind of nerve’ wrecking.

It’s hard to know that your child is incredibly sick and that a risky surgery is the only thing that may save his life.

I am still trying to wrap my head around it but it’s difficult and leaves me with a heavy heavy heart.

Sometimes we get so carried away in our daily lives that at times we forget what matters. I have had many emotions this week but in the end, it is about spending quality time not just with Lennon but with everyone that I hold dear to my heart. Realizing where your true energy belongs can often be difficult if we get caught up in emotions due to others’ actions.

The last couple of years have taught me what sacrifices I am willing to make, and which ones I will not. I am grateful to the support (however it is given) we are receiving from near and far. Whatever the next week and the future brings it will not be an easy undertaking and I hope that I have the strength to support the people in my life that needed it!

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  1. I love your new format (but do miss the date info so I know when you wrote).That's not the important thing. What's important is what's going on with you and how Lennon is faring. I cannot imagine being in limbo — not knowing for an entire week what the recommendation will be and how this will all resolve.Be assured that I am following your journey and pray for you, all of you, often. – Barbara

  2. Hi Petra,I am so sorry to hear this report of the venogram. Lennon has been in my thoughts and I was hoping that whatever was going on would not require another surgery or transplant. Please know that I'm thinking of Lennon and sending love and prayers. If there is anything I can do for him or you, please please let me know.Best,Cindy Le MonsNational Urea Cycle Disorders

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