I just finished my personal Drawing Challenge and who knew I could semi draw a shoe. It’s interesting that after wood-burning for a lot of years and not outlining when I burn that drawing requires to have those lines. Today was spend on noticing the lines and shapes of an object as well as contouring lines to add dimension to the drawn object.

I don’t think I did too terrible at this drawing and keep spewing the mantra “just do it – it doesn’t have to be perfect” in my head as I draw a line, erase a line, and draw another line.

Draw a shoe

Shading on a wood-burning definitely comes a lot easier to me than using a pencil – which is why I resisted to actually learning how to draw for a long time but if I want to take my art to another level, well it’s time to move through the resistance.

Clearly I need tp send a little bit more time on contouring and going with the line of a shape when shading. My hope is that practice does make perfect. I am almost excited to see where I am at with my drawing skills in 30 days.

And since it’s just barely noon around here, time for me to find something else to get into.

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