Lennon has been complaining about headaches for a few weeks and I made him a long overdue eye appointment. If you have been following his story, you may remember that immediately following the urea cycle disorder diagnosis, Lennon went blind for about 6 months or so, if not that’s okay!

Anyway, the appointment was at 2:30 and we got in, registered and after 15 minutes or more waiting, we were called in a room for an eye test. Lennon was engaging, fascinated and super excited – silly boy actually WANTS glasses. Well, we went through it and back into the waiting room we went.
And about 4:30 we FINALLY saw the doctor who reviewed his history, asked me a bunch of questions and ordered two more tests.

Now mind you, we did not have the Kindle with us, nor the Ipad and my phone battery… well died. Lennon was maxing out fast with patience and it took everything I had to keep him entertained and supported as he was struggling more and more as time went on. We looked at magazines, used the bathroom and despite it all – we both began to struggle and patience was wearing thin.

And then we heard his name..whew.. ok let’s do this…

Visual test to check his peripheral sight in his eyes.. one eye is better than the other.. yep this is how Lennon rolls. This test is a mere 15 minutes but  Lennon who had already struggled so much worked hard, fidgeting in his seat to hit the button every time he saw a light. I was on the edge of my seat too.

Immediately following was the dilation of his pupils and this is where he lost it and I was mustering everything I had to get us through this. The first drops went in and my 11-year-old boy flew into a rage of “hell to the no” you are not doing this again.. but it had to be done. We made it through the ordeal but Lennon was a mess and well me too and so I just held him for the longest time, questioning if this really was all necessary.

I knew it was because it had been an incredibly long time since his eyes were checked.. and well headaches, who needs them?

We waited in the waiting area – the last people there. Receptionists, residents, and other techs had already left the building.

Pictures of his eyes complete, we saw the doctor one more time and the result is that Lennon is nearsighted, and because he’s so young as he gets older, it will progress to becoming worse.. thus glasses forever … it’s not the end of the world but the visit was incredibly dramatic.

The good thing?

We don’t go back for 2 years!

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