So after a late start (scheduled at 11 a.m. going in at 2 p.m.) Lennon is doing well. The stent that was in from the transplant surgery was in the wrong spot i.e. too low in order to cover the stitches that connected the bile duct. Hence there was leakage going on that made Lennon so sick!

They placed a new stent into the spot where it was supposed to go and removed the old one. This means that at some point they will have to go in and remove this stent but I imagine it won’t be for another 3-4 months give or take. Hopefully, in the meantime everything else will work itself out and we won’t have to deal with soo many infections anymore.

One of the after affects of the procedure is that the Doc had to place air into Lennon and he had a major burp down in the PACU and I supposed this will happen over the next day or so for the air to release itself. I really do hope that his intestine issue and bile duct issue are resolved and that we now know the culprit of this situation.

The other thing they did is replaced his NG tube, which is great except it was too short and they placed the tackaderm (sp) right onto his skin. Lennon has a major adhesive allergic reaction that will show up as sores just starting to bleed, the skin to blister or even resemble 2nd to 3rd-degree burns.

By the time he came back to his room, his face already showed indication for the reaction. So his NG has changed again, this time to the right size and then duraderm was placed under the adhesive of the tape.

He has now settled down and calmed down for the moment and is watching Spongebob. Actually, he looks like he is going to sleep :o) which he very much needs, though about 15 mintues ago he was very insistend that he’d go home!

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  1. So glad to read that the procedure went okay and you can relax now and not worry about it anymore. I sure pray that the doctors have everything fixed up right this time and that indeed this was the problem and poor Lennon can have some relief. It will be so great if he’s able to start eating and enjoying it now! Hope you are both able to get some rest and recoup time and that you’ll all be home again soon. What a long haul it has been, we hope that there will be no more big hills to climb …realizing the road ahead will still have hills, but hopefully it’s mostly smooth. Hang in there!

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