Today, I am turning shapes into a character. It was simple enough but I know that perspective may be a but of a struggle.

As many books that I have about drawing, I realize that seeing how it’s done on video is helping me a lot more but that once I get the hang of it the books will come in handy because I am drawn to a very specific style of it. But learning the basics is definitely going to help me a lot more moving forward.

But I am slightly impressed with myself here – I mean check her out. Not too shabby for my first shapes into a person drawing.

Turning shapes into a character

But yeah I can definitely see where getting the hang of perspective will help me – that’s in a future lesson. For now I am just happy that I managed to get her on paper.

Interestingly, I am already inspired because for the longest time I wanted to illustrate a story I had written a while back. I think that my commitment to learn how to draw will help me do just that.

That’s a wrap for the self-imposed drawing challenge.

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