If you are an avid crochet person like myself, then you also probably have a ton of yarn that could go through some stash busting. I currently sitting on 3 totes with yarn that is waiting to become something new.

Something that I love for this is a crochet sampler blanket but even if you don’t go through your stash to do this, this kind of blanket is amazing for combining different stitches into something beautiful.

This can be a fun challenge to see how many crochet stitches you can master in one blanket or just select a few that you think will look great together! I love trial and error projects since they don’t have to be perfect because they’ll look amazing in the end. There are so many stitches, textures, and colors you can play with thus making it a great yarn stash-busting project.

This could also be a great #90daysofcreativity challenge by either doing 90 stitches or a row a day for 90 days. If you are not sure where to start, I have a crochet mini-course with a crochet stitch library inside the Crochet Bistro so you can learn new stitches or just start with crochet. The Sampler blanket makes a good beginner project because you get to explore as well as design your own blanket.

I will be kicking off a crochet-along in August using the stash of yarn scraps I have available. If you want to join me, you can sign up for my email list so you’ll stay in the loop.

The blankets you see below are available in my shop. I am also happy to crochet one made to order for you.

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