Lennon’s g-tube track will not heal on its own. Since the removal of his g-tube in November – the hole still exists with some drainage every now and again and some soreness, redness and even bleeding (he can’t help but pick at it.. sigh) – so we had a consult with the surgeon. The plan will be to fix it by via surgery that’s going to give him another 4-inch scar – he will be admitted for an overnight stay to ensure that his medication regimen isn’t going haywire and that he’s stable after the recover.

But wait that’s not all …

…there is a possibility that during the summer at some point Lennon will face his hopefully last big surgery EVER! The current debate is who will do the surgery UVA vs. CHOPS – you know cause who have placed the liver has rights to close the muscle ..which will require a big incision and mesh to help it close. Think of it as a big hernia.

If Pittsburgh agrees then UVA will handle the surgery however if Pittsburgh says.. nope we want to do this then we need to make some travel arrangements. The recommendation is to do this sooner rather than later because this will become problematic at some point for Lennon if we do not move forward with the surgery. Meh!

I hope that the second surgery can happen this summer – before school – so that he won’t be missing to much time. He will be missing a few days from the first surgery but in comparison, that should relatively minor.

Lennon isn’t a big fan but he is going along with it (not that he really has a choice) but his biggest question was if this will make him a real boy.
He gets that he is different – and it isn’t the first time I have heard him make this statement .. how heartbreaking it is… and the best I can do is to assure him that he already is a real boy.. and love him.. I can love him 🙂

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