Being a Parent is such a tricky journey. You teach through role modeling and lectures. You love through facial expressions and gestures. You want to connect with them.

You hope that your instinct is guiding you to help shape your child’s life, not only so they become a good moral citizen but also help them know they can have the life they envision even if their childhood hasn’t always been the best.

When my eldest was born, I made the choice to not impose my religious and spiritual beliefs onto him and that his father would respectfully do the same. I opted not to baptize him and his brothers because deep down I feel they must choose their own path.

I believed that pushing any faith or beliefs onto them would make them conform to standards set by society when in the reality, we all must choose our own path.

I spoke little about my pagan faith. They went to church here and there.

As my kids have gotten older, my alter and books became more exposed because I needed to be more open about it but I still shared little of what I believe.

What it boils down to however is that each of my children can explore the different ways to connect with their own spiritual path (whatever that may be). They can read the bible, go to church, pick up Pagan/Wiccan books, scour the internet for Buddhism or to whatever they may be guided to do.

In hindsight of not pushing my beliefs or their father’s belief onto them, I have inadvertently created a way to connect with my children. They come and ask questions and I can guide them to places where they could find the answer. I can talk with them in which no judgment is involved as I watch them explore their own world.

My path is not right for them because it is just that… my path. They must figure out their own even if we do not share the same or similar religious and spiritual systems.

I think by being able to be open to the notion that each of us has their own path and that we cannot push our own value systems or religious beliefs onto them, we can create conversation – and it is through that exact conversation you are connecting not only with your child but with an element of wisdom that parenting really didn’t have hard as I initially made it out to be.


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