This past weekend, I had the opportunity to see Black Plague – a band I interviewed for The Rebels Den not too long ago.

Shortly after, I was commissioned to do a wood-burning but it was a bit of a secret and I only released snippets here and there on what I was working on which looked something like this:

Part of the challenge was trying to figure out how to approach the feathers – and I ended up using two different techniques.

As you can see here, I first burned the feathers and then my handy dandy knife and I had a bit of fun.

But I still couldn’t show it off – and here I was just doing some detailing and finishing before sending it off to the new owner.

Since we decided to go see the band in North Carolina, I thought we’d just bring it with us for handoff and the evening was absolutely amazing. Not only did I get to share my artwork with everyone there, but Through all this Time gave me a shoutout for the wood-burning – which is really cool.

Here’s the display with all the Black Plague Merch.

It was an epic evening seeing amazing bands – and hanging out with them.

I am honored for the connections and the commission I was able to create!

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