Celebrate this November with our coloring pages that include the fall theme of pumpkins, fall leaves, and harvesting. As the weather is getting colder in some parts of the world – imagine sitting in front of the TV or by the fire with your coloring page and some markers and adding more calm to your life! Or hanging out with family and friends drinking hot cider and having a good time coloring together.

Coloring is one of our favorite things to do at and it’s amazing the many benefits coloring has such as improving fine motor skills, decreasing anxiety, and increasing creativity.

Coloring Creatives

I grew up in a country where November was all about the harvest and where we gave thanks to the farms minding the animals and crops all year so that we could have the meat, bread, and more on the table. There is a lot of work that goes into running a farm – anyone that has a homestead of some kind will agree. We’ve had chickens and a garden before and it requires attention for sure.

Since the coloring pages include planner pages, you can stay organized while coloring, too! Each hand-crafted coloring page is created with a variety of skill levels in mind from beginner to coloring enthusiast! 

You can purchase the November Package here or join the Coloring Creatives and get access to over 200 Coloring Pages!

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