Spirit Animal Mandala Coloring Book was inspired by my own connection to my spirit animals and love for mandala designs.  Each illustration was hand drawn and contains 33 animal mandala pages to color and relieve stress.

I feel very connected to the Wolf, Bat and the Butterfly as well as the Dragon and Raven. Each of them bringing their own message to me in some way. The wolf for example, reminds me to stay connected to my intuition, remember what brings me freedom and that we are social creatures that need connection. The Raven on the other hand brings to the forefront some of the inner darkness that tends to hide the conflict when I should be facing in so that I can continue to heal. And the Butterfly is always about transformation, when change is about to happen and I will or am in a cocoon ready to emerge again.

It’s fascinating that when we pay attention to your surroundings and acknowledge the animals we see and we wonder what their message might be all the things we can learn about ourselves.

Each coloring page will help you actively meditate while your responsibilities will seem to fade away and you stay in the moment of what is. Petra Monaco is helping people to free themselves from the stories that are holding them back to live a life that feels amazing.

I had a lot of fun creating these pages and even turned the Wolf Mandala into a painting and my partner is turning the eagle mandala into his own version of a big canvas painting. I can’t wait to see his completed version.

In this coloring book, Petra encourages you to connect with a spirit animal and your inner source. Sit and listen to what animal speaks to your the most and start coloring the page. If you’re so inclined take notes and write them around the mandala page of the messages you received.

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