Every 6 weeks we go to the clinic for a check-up and lab work!

I used to dread this day because at one point it was heartbreaking. But Lennon has been incredibly well.. his labs have been stable 🙂

It doesn’t mean that I no longer fear or worry about his health, but they are so much easier now. He understands more and we can talk it through. This morning we could hear another kid being quite upset. Lennon was worried about what might be happening to him. We talked about how he used to be so upset when we came to see the doc for labs or anything else because he was scared and didn’t know what was happening.

“Yea but not anymore!”

He sits through the blood draw like a champ, doesn’t squint or whine about it – anymore. He just does it.

The docs check out his belly and push down on this side or the other – and what used to be a fight – he just allows it to happen now.

Docs who haven’t seen him in a while come over and say hello and are in awe of how far Lennon has come. They get it – they have seen him at his worst and I love that they want to see him at his best. There are hugs shared among me and the docs because seeing him do so well – and me doing so well – it’s worth celebrating every single time.

Even though his tube site (where his feeding tube used to be) is taking forever to heal (its been 4 months) – he’s doing well. We keep an eye on it – but the prograf causes SLOW healing.

Next check-up will be with the Dentist – and clinic for the liver won’t be again until June but I still have to wait for the lab results… so until then I am still holding my breath

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