Changes in latitude = changes in attitude! 31 days and my partner is Texas bound. I will be following in 2022 and there are reasons for that.

Lennon has one more year of high school left and he’s also transitioning into adulthood and as someone who has a disability, there are a lot of things that happen for him. Since he is in a specific program for his schooling we thought it is best if he’d finish out the year before the big move. I could have probably figured it out in Texas but with a pandemic still having over our heads as well – we are certainly choosing a path that makes sense for Lennon. He will get to graduate with people he knows and that matters.

And yeah he is going from pediatric to adult in all of his medical care as well and there are some things that are better addressed while we are still here and get things organized before the move so that the transfer and changes will be easier. This will also help his medical team to make the proper referrals as well as care requirements and connect us with the best hospital and transplant team in Texas.

Changes in latitude

It’s tough not being able to go yet this year and pick out a house and our land – the goal (at least for me) is to have 10 acres and a house that isn’t a fixer upper. We will probably have a few animals such a horse and a donkey and maybe even some chickens. All of those things aren’t really set in stone yet with the exception for the land part.

A year ago at the start of the pandemic, I didn’t think about the changes in latitude and now I almost wish it was 2022. This year will bring some challenges for sure but I also believe that in the end, it will be one of the best ideas we’ve ever had.

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