I am getting more and more comfortable recording my video challenge – my next hurdle to overcome will be to eliminate all of the UMS I keep saying throughout. I suppose that’s because those videos are unscripted and with just a thought in my mind.

A lovely side-effect is that videos I am recording for my crochet and wood-burning work are also becoming easier and I am less intimidated by teaching what I know.

I suppose that was the whole point – to get comfortable not just behind the camera but in front of it and record video content for those interested.

My goals are to help people not just through the Rebels Den but also learning a new craft! There’s something about the creative process in wood-burning and crochet that is hard to put into words.

Another side-effect I think that happened is that my creativity, in general, is just more – and not in a bad way. I launched Life Tips To Go – so you can start your day with one of my daily life tips and feel inspired, gain clarity, and begin living a life with a purpose by your design.

I am also spending less time on social media and more time in my own community – the Den – my art communities are also in the same place – and it’s so good because I don’t have to jump all over different groups since it’s already in one space. Maybe I will see you there?

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