This is the time for an update 90 Days of Creativity to share with you what I noticed and I am going to tell you that I wake up in the morning and get all of the work I need to do so I can sit down and be creative. This means all my work for the Rebels Den, Life Tips To Go, my daily videos, and checking into my community are done before noon.

I kicked it off with these pendants you see below – now they are finished and I just need to add them to my shop which will happen over the next couple of days.

So I am noticing that I am more productive because I am so excited about this challenge that I can’t wait to get creative – which was the whole point but also it’s a form of self-care and I notice my mood has improved in addition to my inspirations.

Once I was done with the pendants, I switched to the tarot card set which then led me to create the bee coasters. I had seen coasters that could also be wall art – and thought it was a cold idea.

I thought about doing the same image for each coaster but I think that when you have different ones and you have company over, you’ll identify your drink perhaps a little bit better.

My next set of coasters is with different dragons that I am currently working on and I will reveal them on an update on my 90 Days of Creativity – but if you want to follow along you can sign up here or follow me here! And interestingly enough, I already know my project once I am done with the dragon coasters.

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