It’s time for a video challenge update and I have recorded, edited, and uploaded 124 videos since February. There are still days where I am not sure what I will talk about, what I want to share, or even how much of my life I want to share.

But I started this challenge to not only get more comfortable with recording videos and to be more visible. I know that due to my upbringing and other experiences being seen has been one of my biggest challenges. There have been so many times where I felt or was told I didn’t matter, that what I had to say was stupid or that simply no one wanted to hear what was going on inside of my head.

It stunted me for a long time because I allowed it to hold me back. I didn’t write my first book because of it. I didn’t get all in into my life or business. I was always so worried about what people would think, concerned if they liked me or not that I just didn’t show up for myself.

There are still times I notice myself not going all in. I record a video with something on my heart or mind and end up deleting it and record something else – something safer, something that isn’t going to rock the boat too much.

This journey of blazing my own trail is faced with a lot of fear and doubt and yet…. and yet I keep showing up, slowly unraveling the programming that was infused into me. Interestingly enough though, as I am writing this there’s part of me that recognizes that I don’t comment on people’s posts not just because I don’t want to rock the boat but because it’s just not worth the time or energy. And the same applies to the videos I don’t create – it’s not worth the energy.

Personal growth is a fascinating journey and I love seeing the changes in being and thoughts through my video challenge update.

Also, if you ever want to hear about something specific, have questions I can answer, do let me know and I’ll record a video for you!

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