Item of the Month: Sailboat Lighthouse Pyrography

Item of the Month: Sailboat Lighthouse Pyrography

Sailboat Lighthouse Pyrography a beautiful scene of a sailboat passing the lighthouse at the shore. Warmer months are here and more and more people are finding themselves on the beach or sailing along in their boats.

The image was sized to fit onto the 8″ x 16″ piece of wood and has been sprayed with shellac to protect the artwork.

The accompanying frame has been not been stained.

You can choose to have it stained during checkout – for reference check the other pictures – and I’ll be adding shellac for protection. The complete piece measures 20″ by 11.5″.

  • Sailboat Lighthouse Pyrography
  • 20″ by 11.5″
  • Choose between the unstained or stained frame
  • Will be Protected with Shellac
  • Come ready to hang

Here’s you can see it with the stained frame:

Sailboat Lighthouse Pyrography
Rustic Wedding Guest Book

Rustic Wedding Guest Book

I was able to create this rustic wedding guest book for my son. He went out and cut the slice and brought it to me. His fiancé sent me a picture of what they wanted it to look like. The video is a time-lapse from start to finish.

The first part of this project was that it need to be sanded smooth – and the other side needed to be evened out a bit – which my partner did for me with a chainsaw.

When it was to a point where I could work in it, I needed to decide on a font and print it out to the right size – I use photoshop to create the image and excel to print it out to the size I need. I use excel for printing out large patterns as it will do so over multiple pages – and then you just need to align + tape the pages together before transferring the pattern.

Once the pattern was transferred to the piece of wood, it was time to get down to burning. The whole project took about 4 hours in total to complete – I didn’t focus on shading but rather getting all letters and numbers to be the same hue of burned brown. I added a layer of mod podge to seal it in a bit.

I was so thrilled to be able to do this for my son and his future bride (I will share parts of the wedding in another blog post).

After the wedding and when all the guests have signed the slice of wood, this will be protected with a layer of clear resin.

If you want you have a wedding, or know someone that would love a rustic wedding guest book, I do accept commissions. Just email me at contact {at} petramonaco {dot} com!

Pyrography Cafe is open

Pyrography Cafe is open

The pyrography cafe is open! One of the things I have been wanting to do is to teach people about wood-burning and I’ve finally have begun in the pyrography cafe.

There’s something about creating on wood that’s calming but also exciting. I tend to struggle a little more with pencil drawing and it doesn’t come as easy to me as wood-burning. I think the difference is that with pyrography, I am working from an outline and when you are drawing you are starting from scratch.

Pyrography Cafe is open
One of my very first wood-burnings

And I’ve been wood-burning since 2005 but fell into it on pure accident. I was working on some macrame jewelry and thought to myself “self, wouldn’t it be cool if you’d design your own wood beads for your jewelry”?

Self agreed and I was off to the craft store to purchase my first wood-burning tool and in 6 months I upgraded to a better wood-burning pen! Before I knew it, I was getting requests for commissions and it became a foundation of the art that I do today!

It sometimes feels like a lost art in some ways and I get excited to see other people wood-burning and showing off their work and talent. This is why I want to share this craft with people and teach them to tools o the trade so you too can create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

And the pyrography cafe is open for you to get started with free lessons and information!

Inside the Pyrography Cafe you will find:

  • The Art of Pyrography
  • 10 Tips to get started with Wood-Burning
  • The Tools for Pyrography
  • What Material is safe for pyrography
  • Guide for using Wood-Burning Tips
  • Creating a Wood-Burning Sample
  • Wood-Burning from a Coloring Page

I can’t wait and see what wood-burnings you will create!

Watermill Pyrography

Watermill Pyrography

Watermill Pyrography is a beautiful scene of a Watermill which have been around for about 2,000 years to help grind grain into flour. Inspired by a pattern, the image was sized to fit on to the 9″ x 7″ piece of Italian poplar and has been with polyacrylic to protect.

You can see the progression of the work in the images below.

This wood-burning took several days to complete as I spend 2-3 hours at a time working on it as the depth and shadows needed to stand out to give it dimension.

When it comes to wood-burning, there are times when outlining your work matters and is a key element, for example being the building and wood planks. In other sections, it’s more important to not outline and shade the work to give it a more natural feel parts of the pyrography piece, like the rocks and the treetops.

If you like the watermill pyrography is available on a commission if you want to add something rustic to your home, cottage, or summer hideaway as it will sit nicely on a shelf or mantle or hang from the wall. This will also make for a memorable gift for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas.

You can order a custom wood-burning in different sizes and if the watermill isn’t your thing, then perhaps something else will pique your interest. 

Sleeping Dragon Wood-Burning Pattern

Sleeping Dragon Wood-Burning Pattern

I just released the Sleeping Dragon Wood-Burning Pattern and I am excited on how it turned out. I don’t consider myself the best pencil-drawing artist, but I think I can manage the line art for a pattern.

I love dragons and when I looked at the piece of hickory, I thought it would make a create wood-canvas for a sleeping dragon. I didn’t want to just have a dragon on this piece, I envisioned a whole scene that you may see if you were to walk upon a dragon in a cave.

I thought to incorporate some of the natural grain colors would help bring this idea together. I always love it when you can blend art with nature in a way that just seems to blend with ease.

This wood-burning pattern and video workshop shows you the use of three different wood-burning tips: the writing, skew and shading tip.

The writing tip I used for the trees and bushes, the skew for the crystals on the cave ground and the shader for everything else.

The project took about 5.5 hours and I squished into a 15-minute time-lapse video from start to finish.

One of the biggest challenges in using hickory is that its hardwood and really grainy which can make this quite intimidating. But as I am looking at the finished project, the sleeping dragon wood-burning pattern turned out exactly how I imagine this particular piece of wood.

You can use whatever wood you prefer or have handy and truly make it your own work of art. This is what I love about line art without showing you where the light and dark areas are because you get to play with your own imagination and play around.

The pattern is available with and without videos depending on what you prefer.

Experimenting with Pyrography and Paint

Experimenting with Pyrography and Paint

Sometimes experimenting with pyrography and paint is what brings you to love a piece of art you were working on.

Awhile back I did a wood-burning of a western town. I loved the idea and concept but I didn’t love the result And as things go in wood-burning I had a few options. Either sand the piece of wood and “erase” the work I had done, throw the work into the fire and be done with it or add some color through painting parts of it.

As you can see the sepia is beautiful but my challenge was that the horse didn’t stand out and everything was just kinda blending together. When working with different shades of the same hue that can happen and I could have probably gone darker in some of the areas but that didn’t sit right with me when I had finished it initially.

I have a ton of work-in-progress laying around because sometimes pieces are not done like it’s missing just a little something, and I like to step away for a bit and come back to it at a later time. Which is what happened with this Western Town.

So this past weekend as I was clearing out my studio with finished and “waiting to be finished” creations, I thought adding color would probably be the key to this one.

Here is the before and after from me experimenting with pyrography and paint and really, I love the painted version a whole lot more. I still retained some of the pyrography details but the paint gave it a little some extra.

Which is why I ended up adding color the Eagle Mandala as well which is part of my latest coloring book.

I am making a few edits on the image for more clarity but it will be in the store some time this week. Also, if you are interested in a Mandala Pyrography I am open for commission work!