Wedding plans and activities

Wedding plans and activities

A few months ago my kid told me about his and his girl’s wedding plans – something small in front of the justice of the peace – two months later it turned into something more … and something quite beautiful.

I think what I love perhaps the most about it is that it was too true to who they are as people and as a couple – he wore his work pants and a purple shirt and she wore a black dress and went barefoot – I quietly cheered that on!

wedding plans
wedding plans

This was so beautifully done and I am thrilled that I could be part in some way. I wrote about the rustic wedding guest book here!

I am really impressed with how they pulled the wedding plans off in under two months and while it wasn’t a big wedding – it was everything they wanted with the people that they wanted to be there.

And they thought about everything – from the catering company … hmm BBQ … down to the drink options for all that came to the wedding. And they even included bracelets for people to choose how close they wanted to get to people – now there weren’t 100’s of people but for those that didn’t want to be hugged or get closer than 6 ft due to the pandemic – this was just so darn thoughtful of them.

wedding plans
wedding plans

I am really happy and excited to welcome his wife into your family and that our family grew just a little bit more!

Life can be a bit disappointing

Life can be a bit disappointing

I don’t love that life can be a bit disappointing but I also know that sometimes it’s just how it goes. For the last 10 months, I had been emotionally invested for a move, for a relocation that I have been craving for a really long time.

Moving out of this state is something I have talked about for 10+ years and it seemed that a dream I had would finally come true. I was excited and thrilled even though we faced some challenges along the way and that the year ahead would have been tough.

And then boom – just like it’s not to be.

I am disappointed, sad, and also frustrated. An alternate plan emerged and I want to feel excited about it because it is a good plan but it’s not really what I wanted and now it feels like I have to settle for this plan and working on accepting that life can be a bit disappointing.

The thing is the alternate plan would still give me a new house, extra acres to have the animals I want and become more self-sustaining. What it doesn’t give me is leaving the state. I don’t know how I am supposed to feel.

I do know I am crushed and incredibly sad and while I am able to keep going with some of my other goals this one just feels so big and so soul-sucking. And somehow I may be expected to just okay with the new plan and carry on.

I should be excited to stay.

Excited because we will stay close to friends and family.
Excited because our quality of life is already improved.
Excited because we will still have what we wanted.

But all I feel is sadness. Soul-crushing sadness.

And the crazy thing is everything else is on the uptick – sales are happening, clients are showing up and things are good.

This is going to take a minute to come out of, this I know.

Having some fun Roller Skating

Having some fun Roller Skating

Do you remember back to the days of your childhood roller skating? While we had roller skating rinks we all preferred to cruise on the sidewalks and in the streets.

I suppose that’s life in the suburbs where traffic is less in those secondary roads. And man were we fearless cross the streets. I can still see it – the streets of Hofheim weren’t all that safe with us cruising up and down on our skates or playing street hockey in front of our house.

Where I live now – in rural Virginia – I couldn’t even imagine roller skating on the road without the worry of getting run over by a car. And forget finding a place or even a park with paved walkways because those only seem to exist in bigger metro cities.

Roller skating fun

While we have a skatepark it isn’t really designed for those that just want to practice their roller skating dance moves but more for the skateboarders and the ones interested in doing tricks in the air – not that there’s anything wrong with it.

We ended up roller skating on a high school tennis court and while that is “almost” like a skating rink I suppose to me that isn’t the same.

Who knew that I would miss going down the streets on sidewalks or on the roads to skate with friends?

I would love to see more trails that people could use for walks, roller skating, and bike rides – I don’t know if those are just in Europe but I am thinking Central Park NY. That would be amazing. But I suppose in most places that may not be feasible.

Anyway, it was great getting out and skate for a bit and I look forward to doing it more often too!

I miss running but I get to crochet

I miss running but I get to crochet

I miss running. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could achieve 2021 miles this year – and I’ve already been a bit behind at the beginning of April – but then the thing I dreaded happened.

I went on a run not just to focus on my challenge goal and regular exercise routine but I had just a difficult moments just the day before and for the best release and processing happens during a run.

What I didn’t count on is how have that event actually impacted me and so instead of focusing on my run and pay attention to the trail my head was so consumed by all of my feelings that I tripped and boom sprained my ankle.

Initially I thought that I may have broken it and that could have been even more problematic due to a previous double break on that particular ankle when I was a teen.

It’s been about a week now and I am annoyed I can’t run yet – I miss running. It’s the an outlet I look forward to anytime I get to do it. And while walking isn’t the end of the world and still helps me get miles and exercise in – it’s just not the same.

Insert big ol’ sigh.

I know that I’ll be able to get back to it in a couple of weeks but patience has never been a thing I was fond of when I wanted to do something.

I suppose I will work on an afghan order while I wait for my ankle to heal proper and look into alternative ways to work out that aren’t going to cause more damage and so I won’t just wither away 😂

This afghan is going to be a full size blanket with granny squares using these three colors.

Well these squares aren’t going to crochet themselves!

Changes in latitude – a move ahead

Changes in latitude – a move ahead

Changes in latitude = changes in attitude! 31 days and my partner is Texas bound. I will be following in 2022 and there are reasons for that.

Lennon has one more year of high school left and he’s also transitioning into adulthood and as someone who has a disability, there are a lot of things that happen for him. Since he is in a specific program for his schooling we thought it is best if he’d finish out the year before the big move. I could have probably figured it out in Texas but with a pandemic still having over our heads as well – we are certainly choosing a path that makes sense for Lennon. He will get to graduate with people he knows and that matters.

And yeah he is going from pediatric to adult in all of his medical care as well and there are some things that are better addressed while we are still here and get things organized before the move so that the transfer and changes will be easier. This will also help his medical team to make the proper referrals as well as care requirements and connect us with the best hospital and transplant team in Texas.

Changes in latitude

It’s tough not being able to go yet this year and pick out a house and our land – the goal (at least for me) is to have 10 acres and a house that isn’t a fixer upper. We will probably have a few animals such a horse and a donkey and maybe even some chickens. All of those things aren’t really set in stone yet with the exception for the land part.

A year ago at the start of the pandemic, I didn’t think about the changes in latitude and now I almost wish it was 2022. This year will bring some challenges for sure but I also believe that in the end, it will be one of the best ideas we’ve ever had.

Petra’s 2021 Goals

Petra’s 2021 Goals

Even though it’s already the end of January I wanted to share my 2021 goals with you. I actually spend the entire month focusing on my content for the year and getting myself organized.

Once again, life and the last year have put in perspective what’s important to me and 2020 was familiar to us as we had socially distanced and isolated ourselves after Lennon’s liver transplants to keep him safe. And somewhere in the middle, my partner had emergency surgery sewing an artery back together that he accidentally nipped while at work, leading us to some life-changing decisions.

When the pandemic hit and everything shut down I started retreating from social media and reduced the scrolling. I focused on supporting my clients and did a lot more art.

Petra's 2021 Goals

I also created My Rebel Goals Workbook and I know I will be more successful by setting goals and reviewing them. It’s been marinating for a few years and I think it was just waiting on the proper title.

And like I do, I decided to open the doors to Rebel Kickstart where together we can follow our dreams and focus on our goals. This is a 3-months mastermind co-working intensive.

So here’s a roundup of my 2021 goals!


  • Create 12 pyrography tutorials
  • Create pattern library
  • Create 6 pyrography courses
  • Design 12 crochet patterns
  • Create 6 crochet courses
  • Monthly pages for Coloring Creatives


  • Run or walk a total of 2021 Miles
  • Workout regularly – run or on the rebounder
  • Go hiking once a month
  • Find my own version of healthy
  • Get a physical
  • Go to the Dentist


  • Support Lennon in his senior year
  • Help Lennon adjust to being an adult
  • Regular zoom chats with family


  • Declutter inside and donate what’s not wanted
  • Declutter outside and clean up the property
  • Get things organized for our big move in 2022


  • The Rebels Den – Host 2 Summits
  • The Rebels Den – Host 5 Online giveaways
  • The Rebels Den – Help 3 people host a giveaway or summit
  • Create a how-to for coloring pages
  • Create a blogging course
  • Create a book course
  • Help 3 people start a blob or business
  • The Rebels Den – Daily Blog Posts
  • Petra Monaco – 3 weekly blog posts
  • Revamp + organize funnels
  • Run the Rebel Kickstart 3 times
  • Petra Monaco – Inventory and update website


  • Double my income from last year
  • Continue to remove/reduce debt
  • Donate to Urea Cycle Foundation


  • Finish my Phd in Metaphysics
  • Finish my art therapy course

This may seem ambitious to some but one thing I learned in 2020 is that the less time I spend on social media and just focus on want to do things are happening. I am not against social media but I do know that it can be a huge time suck because remember before all of it that I was doing so much more on the daily.

And I didn’t start a business just to have my time sucked by social media but rather to create the life I want.

If it’s been crossed off its’ been achieved!

  • Will guide you through the 3 R’s – Reflect, Review, Reset
  • Coloring pages to help you tune into yourself for  active meditation
  • Set your 2021 Intentions + Vision
  • Choose your Be, Do and Have Goals
  • Acknowledge the Habits to create and break for your success
  • Develop your own personal self-care routine that works for you
  • Monthly calendar template + journal pages
  • Acknowledge your Support Team, what you need/want to learn