How to Create Earrings Using the Art of Pyrography

How to Create Earrings Using the Art of Pyrography

The art of pyrography has been around for a long time and the process of using a heated metal pen to burn images into wood. Tracing the skill of woodburning throughout history, you’ll note that artists through various regions in this world have used this skill to express their creativity not only on wood but also leather, tagua nut, and gourds.

And just like the art has evolved so have the tools you use to create a variety of effects just by changing out the tips and even the heat temperature. I started woodburning in 2005 with a solid heated pen you can purchase at your local craft store but quickly upgraded to a temperature-controlled tool for more control. And with the different tips now available you can make lines as thin or thick as you like.

Last year sometimes I purchased about 500 different small wood slices with the initial intent to make necklaces, like the ones you see in the pictures, and then a few weeks ago I was inspired to create earrings.

To get started you will want to find two wood slices close in diameter and then I used a pencil to sketch in the design. It’s a lot easier doing it by hand than trying to use graphite paper and tracing something on a piece of wood that is maybe a .5 inch in diameter.

I used the smallest tip I have available to then trace my sketch, add in details like you see with the feather earrings. For some earrings, I used oil pencils as you can see with the mushroom earrings.

Once all that was done, I drilled a small hole into the top of the earring, brushed on mod podge, and after that dried added another layer of polyurethane.

Once everything was tried properly, I added the jumping and ear wire, and voila we have has some earrings!

With a little imagination and the art of pyrography, you can make some amazing earrings to wear yourself or give as gifts to family and friends!

Item of the Month: Wood Flame Pyrography Earrings

Item of the Month: Wood Flame Pyrography Earrings

About a year ago I bought 500 tree slices in different sizes and about a week ago I was inspired to create wearable art.

One of the first creations I made is these wood flame pyrography earrings.

The small tree slices that measure about .5 inches are perfect for earrings – drill a hole, add a jump ring and an ear wire and voila we are ourselves a pair of earrings.

With this pair, I outlined the flames, added some color, and then mod podge before spraying them with polyurethane.

Item of the Month: Green Glass Bead Wrap Bracelet

Item of the Month: Green Glass Bead Wrap Bracelet

This Green Glass Bead Wrap Bracelet represents life and renewal. This bracelet will allow you to remind yourself to live in the moment but it’s also a reminder that any renewal is a good thing! 

And nothing says renewal like the colors of spring where the days become longer and the weather gets warmer – and I don’t know about you but I am ready to see the green instead of the white of snow.

Green Glass Bead Wrap Bracelet

Sometimes I just look at the beads and find inspiration from the beads themselves and in my mind, the design formulates and then it’s just a matter of putting it all together. For me, life and renewal represent the many time we reinvent ourselves to always be our best self.

  • Green Blass Beads
  • Silver-toned Spacer Beads
  • Length is 7 inches
  • jewelry wire

This Green Glass Bead Wrap Bracelet will also make a great gift that will be used and appreciated and reminds the receiver how much you love them. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas or a just because present.

Item of the Month: Rose Quartz Choker with Drop Pendant

Item of the Month: Rose Quartz Choker with Drop Pendant

Check out our Rose Quartz Choker with Drop Pendant, a handmade piece from my hands to your loved one’s neck. And with valentines day just around the corner, nothing says I love you like this Rose Quartz Choker.

This Choker will give you a different kind of look with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and some flats making your everyday wear look a bit more dressy while running errands or daily wear at work giving you that standout look.

Inspired to add a bit of something-something to your wardrobe, giving your outfit the perfect touch and express your own sense of style any day of the week, this necklace was created using Rose Quartz beads mixed with golden beads and white pearls. The choker style necklace measures 14 inches in length and has a clasp in the back.

  • Rose Quartz beads and Drop Pendant
  • golden beads and white pearls
  • measures 14″ inches
  • packaged in a linen pouch

Wear this Rose Quartz Choker to pull off a casual look with a bit of a splash of color or dressy look to create a simple statement of style.

This necklace will also make a great gift that will be used and appreciated as there is no substitute for handmade. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas or just because you want to show that you’re thinking about them and that they bring light to your life.