Today Lennon had another tapping of the right lung and the angio to balloon his hepatic vein. Everything went well today, but they couldn’t put a sting (sp?) into his vein.

The reason is that he is still growing and developing and so the veins are growing and developing with him. So I hope this is successful because if not he will be looking at surgery to remove the clot in his portal vein and fixing his hepatic vein.

On the good side, he had a piece of cake with icing. For about two years, or rather since his diagnosis, Lennon has not been able to eat cake due to the protein in the cake mix. He had about five bites!!!

He does have to start eating regular food because if he doesn’t he will have a NG tube (nose feeding) placed so that he can be fed at night while sleeping. This will not prevent him from going to rehab, like the TPN and Lipids would do.

While things are better, they still don’t appear to stop. I do hope that one day, I can say on this blog that we are going home!!!!

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