So after the scans an all, Lennon was doing ok. And as usual as quick as you turned around he was not doing so well. It appears that his insides got quite upset and now he is dealing not only with another infection, but also with the inflamation pancreas i.e. Pancreatitis. This of course can explain his discomfort and is vomiting. He is again receiving assistance with oxygen because he was just working too hard on his own to breath.

My frustration right now is that he has barely any strength and muscle tone and I feel like that physical therapy should be in here on a regular basis working his arms and legs. I have been heard but I don’t know if it will do any good. The doctors are hearing me, but then the nurses felt he wasn’t up to it.

My theory is that if Lennon starts to work his muscles more and receives more movement in his body, this will help his overall progress of healing and getting better. I feel with the assistance of physical therapy it would happen faster rather than later. Several doctors want him more mobile so that the fluid can do what it needs to do in a more natural manner.

So I ask again and again why is physical therapy not in here working with him. I know that we are, we are making him sit up (ok well haven’t since yesterday), but we have been working with him. He can’t hold himself up sitting, he needs assistance and I think with consistency of help, he can improve and the lungs can do their thing and his body will do its thing.

Ultimately the fluid he is loosing is the fluid his body needs all the electrolytes and protein etc. However, the fluid is in response to what the body does when there is some kind of trauma to it. It happens when one bruises the leg, there is an edema that happens, alas the body is reacting to the change in ones leg. So that is why all the fluid I suppose.

I don’t have much else tonight,

so till next time :o)

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