Today Lennon had a bubble echo done because his oxygen has been pretty low the last time we were at the hospital.. it was like 81… today it was 91… so we are now aware that his o2 changes from one minute to the next.

The results from the bubble echo indicate that the capillaries cannot do what they need to do. They call this AVM ~ Arterio-Venous Malformation ~ an abnormal collection of blood vessels. AVM can be thought of as a “Short Circuit” where the blood does not go to the tissues but is pumped through the shunt and back to the heart without ever giving nutrients to the tissues.  The link talks about AVM but more brain-related not so much about the lung, so if you happen to read it, I don’t think that the brain stuff is true… but could correlate to the lung? Researching I found this: PAVM is an abnormal communication between the pulmonary artery and the pulmonary vein.

Not so good but I think something everyone thought this would be the case. The bubbles went into his heart within 3 heartbeats and according to the doctor, it should take much longer than that if at all. One side of the heart was white and the next second so was the other side.

I called Pittsburgh to find out if this will change his status on the transplant list. First, this was not the test Pittsburgh wanted..they are more interested in a pulmonary scan of sorts but are deciding whether this is acceptable or not. If they still want to scan, Lennon and I will be traveling to Pittsburgh again next week. If it is acceptable, we continue to wait.

According to the coordinator in Pittsburgh, Lennon will move to the top of the list next week.

**Addendum** Lennon will have a pulmonary infusion scan with some sedation to keep him calm/quiet and ultimately still through the process. 

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