Lennon has been quite emotional for a few weeks actually and this evening it was another I am crying and I don’t know why moments. I think in the past we have always attributed it to his medication, and yes while he is in Steroids, I don’t think it is always about what kind of medication he is taking.

I think sometimes he is genuinely just emotional because he has a communication breakdown within himself – not everything is connected for him the way it is for other kids his age – add in that he is still emotionally delayed and doesn’t possess all the verbal skills, trying to decipher is like learning a new language.

Most times I can only take him into my arms and hold him and let him cry and tell him that I will love him no matter what. Sometimes his crying spells are triggered by him not following directions – sometimes purposely and sometimes because well he just can’t help himself.


Well, he was already grumpy after I picked him up from work and he “didn’t want to talk about it”.

Then at bath time, he was so focused about his “kindle” time that he was upset that I made him take a bath. He rushed into the tub, dunked himself into the water and got out.

Woah, Nelly.. this isn’t how we take a bath I said. “Get back in the tub, wash your hair and your body”.

And right after he did what I had asked he had a complete meltdown because he “I made you upset”, he said.

We discussed the issue on hand – cuddled for a wee bit until he was ready to let go and return to his “kindle” action since he still and a bit of time before he was going to bed.

And just like that, everything was well in his world.

As we said good-night to each other he shared that he didn’t have a very good day and I was able to share that I had a rough morning. He proclaimed that just the evening was terrible but he couldn’t explain why.

“This can happen! But you know, tomorrow is a new day and we get to try again”, I said.

And with those words, I tucked him in, wished him sweet dreams.

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