Lennon is doing somewhat better since the ballooning of the vein. He is still on the breathing tube but steps are taken to move forward that he will come of the vent soon. He has a lot of fluid once again and docs are making sure that none of it will end up in his lungs. His X-Ray has improved daily, but he is still quite puffed up with fluid.

Lennon is also awake more. He is coherent and alert enough so that one can ask him questions and he will either shake his head no, or nod a yes. He is handling this breathing tube quite well and is extremely calm. There is some amazement to this alertness as he is on three drips to keep him sedated. I just imagine that he has a high tolerance that not only was present before but build up since he got admitted for the transplant.

At this time we are playing the wait, watch and see game. I must say that patience is not everyone’s strong point, but we must remember that Lennon does things in his terms on his own time. His belly has gone down by 4 cm since yesterday. It was at one point 76 cm due to the amount of fluid within his belly.

In addition, the fluid in his belly developed or rather created a rare bug that lack of information. In fact it is so rare that infectious disease control had not heard about it, so there are unsure of how long to treat it with antibiotics. Again, I remind myself that this is Lennon and things merely tend to be different, sometimes complex and difficult, but that is what we love about him :o)

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  1. Baby-steps are good, keep stepping forward Lennon!!!Still praying for healing and patience.

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