As I was looking on what to write about I thought Autism Awareness would be the thing – what I would rather write about is Autism Acceptance because that makes the most sense to me.

In my house we do not need to become MORE aware because in our house it’s as normal as the grass can be green – but it can also be brown and yellow.

And frankly, I can’t nor should I speak for my son but I know that he doesn’t want any attention drawn to him – he just wants to be left alone and do his thing.

I observed quite of bit of something that I can only roll my eyes at – the argument about how we as a collective should raise awareness and that we need to work towards acceptance (I agree) but more importantly, people were arguing about HOW it was done and WHAT was used to do this and that people not on the spectrum should not speak for people who are autistic.

All valid points in some aspects but also I will always talk about autism and how it affects/effects our family in some way and I will also include my kid in the conversation.

When my son was first diagnosed I was pretty harshly criticized for sharing an organization and even this past week I observed “don’t promote this or that” because …. fill in all the reasons why people may hate or dislike something or someone.

When you first enter the autism world however there isn’t a clear path that says “this way” with a big sign that says “don’t go that way” … and it can be difficult to maneuver – I still don’t have a clue about what organization is good or which ones to stay away from because I am not that tapped in neither is my kid.

So I want to talk about acceptance – something that all people want. While my kid perhaps doesn’t care what people think about him (good for him though) – he is an advocate for being nice and kind to each other because we are all different and being respectful is easy.

When I first started blogging about our special life it was about creating awareness and in some parts it still is but is also about acceptance. We do things differently simply because things are different – and if you know or want to know one thing about me is that I thrive on being different – not all roads are paved the same.

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