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November Coloring Pages for the Coloring Creatives are!

This months the focus is continuing around the fall seasons that’s also harvest season. The squirrel is off to gather his nuts while the farmer is harvesting the crops. In Germany, we don’t have thanksgiving in the sense you do in the US. For us growing up it was about giving thanks for mother earth and the successful crops and bounty we were able to harvest for the year.

November Coloring Creatives

November pages include a monthly and weekly overviews, gratitude page, goal and money tracker and meal planer. I find that when I am stumped on what I need to focus on, coloring the pages can help me find those answers.

November Coloring Creatives

Technology and the pandemic have led us to feeling disconnected from those we care about. Use these greeting cards to remind those you love you are thinking about them.

November Coloring Creatives also includes patterned coloring pages, mandala coloring pages and seasonal pages. There are plenty of times during the week where I find myself watching TV and coloring at the same time. It’s soothing and when I am extra fidgety with energy helps calm me.

Coloring Creatives is for you if you love coloring but also recognize the benefits of this activity and how it can improve your own well-being. The less stress you feel the better you feel. The more clear your head the better decisions you can make.

The coloring pages are be themed based on holiday or season, have mandalas, patterns coloring pages, calendar pages, quote pates, puzzles such as crossword, sudoku, or word search!

And you can connect with other people in our community for fun and for support during our monthly coloring hangouts – and yes we can talk about more than just coloring! 

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