There has indeed been progress for my new coloring book – Spirit Animal Mandala’s that I am hoping to be releasing at the end of the month. It’s going to have 33 pages all together of different animals and a connecting mandala for you to actively meditate on while you color them.

As I was working on them my partner got all excited about the eagle one and wanted a version that he could paint on canvas – which of course got me inspired to figure out how to get them to you on canvas for you to color or paint them yourself. So I am actively on a search for print on demand company or something like it.

Of course this inspired me to create one on wood with pyrography and this is the result so far. I will probably add on the wood-burning but haven’t decided what just yet.

And I can’t wait and see what my partner does with his version of inspiration to use a mandala for a painting. And I may do the same as well once I am done editing all of the pages.

The coloring book will be available as a pdf download in my shop so make sure you get on the list to be notified when it has arrived!

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