I’ve been having a lot of fun creating the animal doodles – I will probably create an animal coloring book out of these when I have enough of them – but they’ll also be part of the Coloring Creatives – not all at once though as that already has roughly 30 pages in the monthly collection.

It’s been healing in some ways as we are heading into the seasons when my son received his liver transplant and things went a little wonky for a bit. It’s been 12 years now and there are still parts that are healing and it happens every time just a bit more when I doodle. When we were in ICU for his recovery I started doodle like this but not with animals – just words incorporated into my doodles – I feel like that’s probably what I needed at the time.

Anywho, these are fun to create and relaxing too. It’s really meditative for me and allows me to stay in the present instead of getting lost in all the what-if’s my mind sometimes likes to create.

I’ve been using colored pencils for the animal doodles – and actually had to get new ones. My best friend had bought me the Black Widow Colored Pencils for Christmas last year and I was excited to finally use them – and they were used for the Turtle and the Dragon. The Tiger was colored with the magic fly brand. Both brands were solid – but I definitely had more color choices with the Magic Fly Set as I bought the 72-count one.

I am off to work on a few more animal doodles!

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