I thought it would be a good idea to update on the 90-Days of Creativity since it’s gone a bit silent – and when I had the idea, I didn’t calculate in that I am actually traveling for 5 and 6 days twice – so it’s being put on hold until the end of September so that I can find my bearings again.

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This is the challenge of a creative person we get so excited about things and then forget to look at our calendar with other shenanigans that are already booked in. It’s all good though because now I have a little bit more time to prepare and layout a better plan – and maybe you’ll join me! I will share another update on the 90-Days of Creativity towards the end of the month when I am ready to kick it off again!

In the meantime, I have been creating art every day and you can follow along on my Instagram

I’ve also been working on pyrographyacademy.com and pyrographycafe.com respectively – I will be creating tutorials that are part of the Pyrography Cafe but can also be purchased as a standalone tutorial. In addition, I am kicking off a subscription box in December and am working on the first 4 projects for this box right now.

I am pretty excited about it, to be honest. I will be kicking off a giveaway in the next few weeks for one person to win a wood-burning kit so stay tuned to all the goodness that is happening by signing up for my newsletter.

I’m excited about this new venture of mine and hope you’ll come along on the journey!

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