Caregivers are Angels with Halo’s inside,
they give us Help and Hope and in God, they abide.

Caregivers are Angels because of their Love,
They always Encourage and look for Guidance from above.

Caregivers are Angels with a Gentle Touch,
they Ease our pain and Understand so much.

Caregivers are Angels through Faith they inspire,
they always Believe in Miracles and seemingly never tire.

Caregivers are Angels who always Endure,
they Understand every need and administer God’s cure.

Caregivers are Angels throughout the night and days,
they have great Courage but never sing their own praise.

Caregivers are Angels who are great Friends,
their hearts are steadfast because their love never ends.

Caregivers are Angels because of their Spirit,
they possess the gift of Healing, they can not deny it.

Yes, Caregivers are Angels with Halo’s inside,
dividing darkness from the Light that they can never hide.

Thank God for Angels Who Care for Us.

(Author Unknown)

We are trying to get Lennon squared away for school but the school has to make sure that everything is set for liability and legal reasons, so it will be another week or so before he can go back. This process is entirely too frustrating for me at times.

Lennon is a little emotional and tired today but overall seems to be fine. He’s been enjoying his video game time and time outside on the trampoline. It’s beautiful to watch him play with his imagination which is “a new” thing. For some children, it comes naturally at a certain age like 3 or 4 …Lennon is 6 3/4 (almost 7 in a few months). He seems to be happy for the most part and content, still wanting everyone’s attention, well primarily his brothers.

I’m happy to see him do so well, but I can’t shake the constant worry about his health. I try not to dwell on it, I try to take each minute for what it is and love that he’s funny, happy, playing. I hope for a miracle to make the clots and collapsed veins to heal themselves so that he will not face any more complications.

Given his history, I feel that I can’t relax and settle in because in an instant the craziness can come back and it seems I’m merely waiting for it to happen, while life goes on.

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