Today Lennon walked (with the assistance of course) 10 feet, from the bed to the sink. After 3 months in bed that appears to be quite an accomplishment. He also had a bath today. Yesterday, the PCA asked if he wanted a bath, unbeknown to her, this is his favorite thing to do.

Well, she only brought a tub that is meant to wash the head in, in bed. Lennon did not want to hear that, so today we filled it with water, and he sat in it. Certainly not what he as used to, but it provided him with some comfort for the moment.

Now he’s sleeping, and has been asleep for some time. The walking and the bath, or any other activity he may participate in is still quite exhausting to him. Heck I get tired just watching him work so hard to do the things he used to do. While it will take some time to get to ‘normal’, I think Lennon will get there sooner than anticipated by most.

The one thing that is still a concern (to me at least) is that he is not interested in food. He eats about 3-4 teaspoons of applesauce at each meal time. Which I think this is a combination of things going on here. A) he hasn’t had real food in three months, and b) he is still on TPN and Lipids that provide nutrition through the IV. I think that if they turn off the IV and give him a chance, perhaps than his appetite will increase a bit and he will start eating. Of course this is only my own rational logical explanation. He is drinking however, he loves his water!!!! And is not interested in much else.

It is good to see him smile more and be playful. It is good to see him demand his time with me but also acknowledge that he needs his own time. It is good to see that he wants to do things, but its difficult to explain that he can’t because he is under contact precautions (such as go to the play area), and because he physically needs to be more careful still.

All in all, positive progress is happening!

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  1. I am so happy for your folks! For a while there, I was a bit nervous for you all…..

  2. Thanks Barbara :o) It sure means a lot. I am still a bit nervous, but that might take awhile for that go away.

  3. The Short Guy walking and the Steelers winning another ring in the same week. Life is good and even though there is still some nervousness, it’s alot easier to answer the phone not being scared of the message coming. Short guy, you are an inspiration to anyone going through bad times. Love ya buddy

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