An appreciation to the readers

I just finished posting the latest update, and reviewed the blog to find another comment on Lennon’s progress.

I wanted to say that I appreciate the support and the comments, letting me and him know that people care. Moreover, it has given me feedback, it has provided me to throw out some questions at the medical team, it has given me insight and strength.

I appreciate the insights about the personal experience because sometimes you just feel alone in your situation and forget that other people have gone through similar situations.

It has been a difficult journey, which is not over – but realizing that just a month ago he was so critically ill we didn’t know if he was going to make it – though I certainly was not going to think otherwise.

The comments, no matter how big or small as they are have been and are always welcome. Often times they have lifted my spirits a bit.

So, all thanks to you reader

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  1. Julie

    Wow!!! So neat guys…I just caught up on all my reading on Lennons progress this morning! Wow keep up the good work lil man! I especially love lennons remarks about come on lets go walking ooo good idea!!! What a sweetie pie! You know I always wondered if his ADHD would clear up as much as the ammonia levels have to do with cognitive issues…Its good to see you guys are getting closer and closer to a life a normalcy! You have been through a ton as has Lennon what great support he has…what I am saying is CONGRATULATIONS guys! Like you said the battle may not be over but darn if it is nice to have a smiling boy back! Continued thoughts! I will probably be down in about a month and would love to see the lil guy enjoying his trike! Take care!

  2. Steph

    It’s amazing what the little guy has accomplished in the last month. You all have been through so much!!Keep your heads up and ready to tackle each hill as it comes … you’ve done great so far climbing each one!!


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