Lennon has been home since Sunday and things are still kind of nuts around here. We are working on getting all of his appointments set up, medication and tube feedings straight and boy have we been busy.

The hospital and insurance companies are working on getting the nursing care approved and straightened out so that we have assistance at home.

It’s not that Kevin and I couldn’t do it, but it takes a lot to take care of Lennon at home, encouraging him to walk though he is dealing with a problematic heel right now.

This might mean more X-Rays and ensuring that there is no fracture going on. He is complaining about his legs and feet hurting quite a bit so we are letting him take it easy.

We encourage him to take things by mouth and walking but this may take longer than some of us have anticipated. He clearly still has a lot of recoveries to do, but his spirits are high.

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  1. Oh wow, this is so exciting to read. I just want to jump for joy for you. I have never spent as much time in hospital as you have, but enough to know that feeling of wondering whether it’s really true and real that you’re home … and that anxiety under the excitement of worrying how long the stay home will be. I pray that it will be permanant and that the rest of Lennon’s recuperation, therapy, assistance required can be done as an outpatient. I will also pray that all may go well if/when he gets his g-tube … another surgery for the poor boy.What a blessing it is that you will be able to celebrate his 6th birthday. I remember thinking of what a celebration we would have for James’ 3rd birthday … I should never have thought that far ahead, but I did … and then the realization sunk in that he would never make it that far. You are truly blessed to still have your dear boy with you. May the Lord continue to shower you with His blessings and may you see how He is there watching over Lennon and your family. Nothing happens by chance, everything is in his control!Being home is a relief but I am well aware of how draining it can be to take care of a high-maintenance child. I hope that you will soon find reliable help that you can put full trust in and feel comfortable leaving Lennon with.We will continue to think of you and pray for you.

  2. Steph, you words always allow me to relish in the comfort of you being my friend, despite the distance. I still worry about set-backs and while we are home and am now focusing on more daily living things, I still cannot completely relax. I worry about planning his celebration, keeping in mind the last 7 months, but I hope that every day I wake up and see him and am allowed to cherish his presence in my life. He has taught me a lot of things, and helped me in my personal development and in such way that I am working towards being the person I always wanted to be. Again, thanks for being here.

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