What a battle it is to have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but to also have obsessive-compulsive disorder. I knew that Lennon had both for a long time and we have always treated the attention deficit issues as that seemed to be the most important to address. However, the healthier Lennon has gotten and the older he has gotten his OCD issues have definitely come to the forefront. But what does a 9-year old obsess over?

His Birthday.
Books (as long as it has to do with Legos anyways).

Not so bad right? Well, I was thinking that until it becomes apparent that he cannot follow directions or listen/hear what is being said to him (and yes I keep his partial deafness in mind). His sole focus is ..for my birthday I want this… this is usually how he starts his day… and throughout the day most sentences start with those words. At other times as he is looking through his Lego Ninjago Encyclopedia Book – he will look through it .. go to the end and point at every single play-set that he wants to get (half the time its followed with …for my birthday).

I hate this for him – considering all that other stuff he has already dealt with ..blah!

You might be thinking but that isn’t so bad it could be worse… yes, of course, it could be and I don’t complain – but its a lot of work to be his mom and see him so obsessed sometimes unable to focus on anything else. It can also wear you down after 48 hours or more pending when he’s not in school and my work schedule. This isn’t any more fun for me than it is for him. I can see his frustration and his struggles with it even though it’s merely masked a 9-year old behavior.


At today’s neuro-development appointment we discussed changing his attention deficit medication obviously to address the attention issues so that he can function in school OR to change it to an SSRI to address his OCD issues. And did I mention that I love his doctors? Not today but in the past I am sure and so please let me reiterate this again. I love his doctors. We are on the same page!!

We will be addressing the ADHD issues for now and do the whole “watch & see” because they ADHD medications don’t stay in your system very long and they also don’t take long to start taking effect. Of course, if that does not work we will then move into the direction of SSRI’s – which take longer to start doing their magic (if you want to call it that) and also take longer to get out of the system if you decide that is not the right thing to do. Of course, as will all medications guess what organ helps with the process…

drum roll
yep you guessed it … the liver

So now we wait until the neuro-development doctor can consult with the transplant team to see which one of the ADHD medications they can all agree on.

At some point, perhaps when he is a little older we might have to add some therapy to the mix – but for now, this is what we have… medication and behavior management through the school and whatever it is we do at home and yes the lack of structure on the weekend – yeah it doesn’t help I am sure but sometimes it just is what it is.

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