Lying in bed one evening, a pride of Dragon’s emerged into my vision, although I couldn’t clearly see them, I knew that my next art project would indeed involve Dragons.

After finishing a commission piece that I hope to reveal in a few weeks, I set out to sketch and paint this pride of Dragons, so allow me to introduce you!

This is Diane! She’s a bit shy but is quite lovable. She loves to take care of her family and even though she comes across quite timid, she’s a force to be reckoned with when you go after the ones she loves.

This is Serk! She’s a tough cookie and doesn’t put up with any kind of nonsense. She’s straight forward and tells you how it is. But deep inside all she wants is to be loved. She’s also a bit of a hothead.

This is Eileen. She’s the most curious Dragon you’ll ever meet. She is constantly asking why about whatever is going on in the world trying to find answers. She’s a bit introverted and considered to be a bit of a nerd.

This is Roberto. His ancestry is Italian and Irish. He looks grumpy but in fact, is actually quite the opposite. He’s perhaps the most sarcastic one out of the bunch and since he always comes across grumpy he takes people by surprise with his kind yet funny demeanor.

This is Ferdinand. He doesn’t like his name much and prefers to be called Din. He’s the leader of the Dragon Pride and carries the responsibility of the well-being not just physically but emotionally. It’s a bit of a challenge and he always doubts his abilities to be a good leader.

This pride of Dragons are painted with acrylics on 8×8 sized canvas. And as you can see by who they are, keeping these 5 Dragons save can be quite a challenge.

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