So, after talking to the psychologist and voicing my concerns about Lennon’s mental well-being (hey I study mental health) the conclusion is as follows:

We need to worry less about his oral intake! We need to focus on getting him mentally well, alas so that he will slowly recognize that he is healthy. His body is no longer ravaged by sickness as it once was.

He will learn slowly in an age-appropriate manner why he has a scar on his stomach and why his hair fell out. He will learn that his stay at Rehab is temporary and not permanent. No longer will we push the issue about food, it there is a medical issue with nutrition the NG tube will take care of that!

With that being said, I wanted to say this as this was brought up in a comment! Yes, they had standardized Lennon to what a 5-year-old should be taking in. Error # 1!

Lennon has never been the norm. He always controlled his food intake, when he said he was full…guess what, he was full. If he didn’t like something, he didn’t like it, bottom line. So the focus will now be to get him physically stronger with the assistance of the NG tube, but again not to make eating and food the issue. It will require a long time and therapy before he will eat like a normal child.

And if this means that in the meantime he as a G-tube placed, then ok I can go with it. But because of his immune suppressants and current state of health, it may not be the best option to put him through another surgery.

So, the matter is now getting everyone on the team to recognize that Lennon’s mental health has to take priority. He has been sick for five years, and has had 25 hospitalizations or so in the last 1.5 years. All he knows is being sick. He doesn’t know what it means to be well and healthy. So I think the goal will be after March 15th, he may come home with the NG tube as is recovery is not only physically but mentally, and this takes nothing but time.

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  1. How quickly prayers have been answered!! This is wonderful news. I hope that the doctors will all be on the same page and cooperate so you can relax and focus on getting Lennon better and ready to go home. The feeding issue isn’t going to go away anytime soon, but at least it will be less stressful now.Didn’t it feel so good to get that rant off your chest!!??!! When it’s all bottled up and getting to you there’s nothing like having a place to release your frustrations. Praying that things will go better now!!

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