Alright, here is the latest scoop of things.

As you know Lennon is having extensive fluid issues that constantly dump from his chest tube. He went through some scans to see if there is anything that could be done, other than surgery because he is not quite strong enought to handle that. Initially there was not angio procedure they could do, but wanted to tab his stomach to withdraw some fluid for testing of infection etc.

Well, after 8 hours they came in and told us that one radioligist could and would go in to balloon the portal vein. What this does/and did is to create a better flow but also relief pressure of the portal vein and the liver (which is working) and allow hopefully his body to start absorbing the fluid some more and less output from the chest tube.

If this is not successful, and pressure builds up again Lennon could be in the hospital for a long time until either a) his body takes care of things naturally or b) he is strong enough for surgery. In the mean time some docs are hopeful the angio worked, and while he is not completely out of the woods, there is minimal progress. I am hopeful, well I have to be because I must belief he will walk out of here.

Today they are working on getting fluid off so that hopefully tomorrow he can come of the breathing tube. But they are cautious because we don’t want to fluid to go into the lungs.

So as usual stay tuned :o)

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  1. So wonderful to hear that the doctors were at least able to attempt something in order to help Lennon. Praying this will help!

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