I talked to the transplant co-ordinator! Catching up and following up on Lennon’s health, hospital stay and so on. In conversation, she stated that once the thirty days are up (November 29 will be 30 days) it will ultimately happen shortly thereafter. Hmm, makes you wonder. While it could certainly happen now – it does seem more likely it won’t happen until the end of Nov – beginning of Dec.

We might be able to spend the holidays at home. Which would be nice, but I couldn’t think of a greater gift then for Lennon to be relatively healthy and live a relatively normal life. I say relative because the reality is he has suffered brain damage and he is behind. He does function well and some processes that weren’t well before are certainly improving.

And in case you are wondering, Lennon is home as of late Saturday night. We played catch-up on sleeping yesterday, I did some well needing to do homework for class and L was himself – playing in his Halloween costume. And the only medication he is on is for the UCD, at this point no behavior modification or ADHD control – oh boy it will be an exciting of a couple of weeks.

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