Hi, I’m Petra

Rebel + misfit mentor. Leader of the Rebel Spark Collective, music-loving, coffee drinking artist. Born and raised in Germany who has made the US her home since 1993. Mom of three boys, one who was born with a rare genetic disorder and received the gift of life through organ donation. I laugh at my own jokes because I think I am hilarious and blurt out random song lyrics – mostly during inappropriate times.

In the past 20 years, I’ve followed one spark after another, until my old life was dramatically burned down in 2007 and had zero choices in learning who I am and what I stood for. I build my business and connected on a deeper level to my true mate. I yelled a lot, cried more and wildly began to love myself. I started the Rebel Spark Collective, wrote books and attended concerts when the opportunity strikes.

Prior to my own rebellion, I was a mental health counselor, always an artist and forever a crime story and shifter romance fanatic. Getting lost in my art and in books used to be a way to escape and is now my way of meditating to stay connected to myself and at the moment. Creating for me is a way of life, wether it is wood-burning, crocheting or writing.

I love meaningful conversations, deep connections, being an empath and clairsentient, creativity, the 80’s, hair bands – mostly Iron Maiden, running through the forest and getting lost in nature and getting in the car with destination unknown and exploring the world.

I believe in being real, standing in integrity, embrace love, introspection and living my life, however, I see fit and I am passionate about creating space for people ready to embrace their inner Rebel.

If this is you, find me in the Rebel Spark Collective, access my courses or join me over on the book of face!



Here’s what I know to be true:


At your worst, you’re like a teenager filled with rage and angst and willing to challenge everything and anyone but you don’t even know why.

You’re ready to push forward with courage in your quest to be the most you all the while striving for a better life and business.


It is time to embrace your inner Rebel and step into your true self.


I know that you believe you can’t have the life you want and be who you are.

But I am here to share with you that you can unchain yourself from the rules you were taught to live by, fuel your own power and live through the beat of your own soul rhythm.

Your life that’s forever hanging out in your dream isn’t going to magically appear and the longer you stick to someone else’s rules your soul is slowly dying a painful death.

But it doesn’t have to be that way when you’re ready to no longer make excuses or live by the bullshit stories you’ve heard and believed all of your life.

People don’t have to get you. You don’t owe anyone an explanation nor do you have to keep living a life that sucks the energy out of you because you are doing things you don’t like or pretend to be someone you’re not.

It won’t be easy walking your path and more often than not it will feel like you are walking alone because people just don’t get you – and you know what that’s okay. While the majority may want to live in fear and never take action towards what they want to be, do and have, you are ready to embrace who you are and do life your way.

You don’t have to live out the stories and predictions that have followed you through life.

You don’t have to accept limitations.

You have a choice.

Choose to rebel.

Sound good?

Your freedom awaits.

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