Like you, I needed to reinvent myself over and over again, until I had my own breakthrough in the form of undoing everything I knew about myself and life in general and start becoming the person my soul guided me to be.

I started my career as a bookkeeper, having finished my degree in Accounting, with the hopes of providing a better future for my children.

Instead, I discovered that sitting in a cubicle was killing me slowly. I simultaneously decided to start selling my handmade creations and for a while, I was able to balance the boring with the creative.

But it wasn’t until my youngest son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that I saw not only how fragile life really is but that I wasn’t doing anyone a service staying in a job that sucked the life out of me.

I enrolled back into college earning my degree in mental health counseling, believing this was it. This was my life’s work.

In the meantime, I continued to create art, learned to build websites and started writing, a lot. And the more I squished myself in the box of conformity the more miserable I was becoming. Which, is the exact opposite of what I wanted.

Deep down in my personal misery, however, there was a spark and with one single decision a fire was lit and I started forging my own path.

I started following all of my ideas no matter how crazy they felt or knowing where they would lead – and half the time I still don’t know where I’ll end up but I absolutely believe that every idea you have is meant for you.

The ideas come to you because your soul knows that you can handle whatever challenges may come your way. I mean, just look at how far you’ve come!

Everything starts with a decision and the moment you do that, your idea is ready for action.

You will without question face

  • self-doubt and wonder if you are cut out for your path
  • overwhelm with making all of the pieces of you fit
  • judgment from family and friends but mostly yourself
  • old patterns and stories trying to keep you playing it safe

As a multi-passionate, multi-potentialite I know how frustrating it can be to define what your life and career ought to feel like.

Because of my diverse upbringing in foster care and becoming a special-needs parent, I have a unique gift of unsticking people through logical, practice and doable problem solving and action taking.

I’m all for being real, honest and filled with zero fluff and call bullshit when needed. I meet you where you are through warmth, compassion, and tapping into our combined intuition.

It’s like strategy and soul connection hanging out over a cup of coffee and creating an approach that is not doable but feels absolutely amazing.

I want to help you unlock your power, unleash your ideas and achieve your goals.

And it all starts with the vision quest


The mission if you choose to accept is to take the Vision Quest Challenge.

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