Deep down you know you are a Rebel, Rule Breaker and Renegade

You think differently, don’t jump on bandwagon of the newest fad and you totally believe you can have the cake and eat it too! 

But you keep worrying about what other people think, don’t fully believe in your vision and eating that cake is a little bit out of reach. 

And so you keep struggling to 

  • Dream Big
  • Set Goals
  • Make a Plan 
  • Take Action 
  • See Results

Here’s the thing, you will never fit into the cookie cutter world, isn’t it time you stop trying? 

It is okay to be you. 

Actually, it is MORE than OKAY! 

This world needs people like you to disrupt the patterns of playing it small and change the inner dialogue that keeps the vision hidden.


Embrace your Inner Rebel! 


It doesn’t matter if you make small changes or radical transformations. 

What does matter is that you show up as YOU every single day!

And for all that is good in the world stop trying to fit it when it comes to living your life and building your business. 

You have big dreams and yet you refuse to believe that they are possible for you. 

You can be, do and have what you want but it requires you do disrupt your own patterns, stories and beliefs. 

It’s time to stop the feeling of being lost and confused so you can remove the frustration from your life. 

It’s time to be unapologetically you. 

Not everyone will get you but there are people that will! 

I know first hand how challenging it can be when you not only think differently but always have the nagging feeling you don’t fit in anywhere in this world. For the longest time, I only dreamed big but never took action because in my own head I didn’t believe I could do it, deserved or was worthy of following my own Rebel path. 

And then my life was disrupted when my youngest son was diagnosed with a potentially fatal genetic disorder. I won’t go into all the details here but let’s just say that I hit my emotional rock bottom and felt an earthquake within my core. 

It was my flashing neon sign that said: 

  • Follow your dreams
  • Speak your truth 
  • Have the life you want 

That is what I did but it was anything but easy because now I was rocking the boat, changing the life I knew to the life I wanted and always being me, no matter what. 

It’s become my mission to help you embrace your Inner Rebel! 


Whether you want to connect to your own intuition more, have better relationships with self and others or make a living with what you are called to do, then I welcome you with a virtual high 5. 


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