Somewhere along the journey of life, we are taught that we must do it all alone. For me, this was growing up foster care because I didn’t know who to trust.

This followed me my entire life.

I can’t trust so I can’t ask for help.

Sure, it feels amazing when we can accomplish something on our own but doesn’t it taste just a little bit sweeter when we can celebrate all the amazingness together. And wouldn’t it be amazing if we could share our struggles and hard times with someone, so we can know that we are not alone?

Doing things alone will seriously hinder your own progress.

It will leave you unable to see that everything you want truly is possible.

It will leave the fear and doubt lingering leaving you to never take action because you are constantly second-guessing yourself.

For a just minute think about what it would feel like to have someone on your side.

Someone who may have been there. Someone who can give you a different perspective. Someone who will listen. Someone who supports you.

Therefore, having relationships with people is so important.

I get it. I am an introvert and often steer away from people and groups until I get the urge that I want to socialize. I don’t call my best friend often enough to let her know things are shit or when I am being sought out to contribute to another publication.

Instead, I sit and do it all alone.

This is only day 11 into 2016 and I am already being presented with so many lessons that will help me grow and support me.

I am connected to like-minded business people, who get the struggle of the entrepreneurial ship, who bring in amazing insight and their own intuitiveness that I honor so much.

Part of my journey is to really claim who I am and this isn’t so much about labeling but really what I stand for and what I am supposed to do with my life. You know that infamous calling that people always talk about?

I am incredibly intuitive and clairsentient and it used to scare me so much that I was hiding it. Being able to share this with people makes me feel less alone because there are a few of us out there.

I’m a single parent and an extra-needs parent and I know that we often feel like we are going into this battle alone, but we are not. We are surrounded by amazing people if we allow them into our world.

This year is about shining your light. This is about creating pathways of connecting and bringing your tribe together.

Alone we can do amazing things but together we can move the world.

So, I am calling my tribe of women warriors who often feel like the underdog, who is belittled in this world, who are stifling their voice and intuition to keep the peace and avoid conflict.

I am calling on the women who are ready to embrace their own power, feel assertive and be unapologetically who they are.

They say that movement happens in numbers. And it is my goal to create a community of amazing women warriors who are ready to shine their light.

Let’s stop doing it, alone shall we?


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