Do you want to change your life?


You are smart and freaking resilient and when you are in your bed tossing and turning you wonder how all that you want to be, do and have can be your reality!

You can be who you have always been and step away from conformity!

You can do the things that light you up and set a fire inside of you!

You can have the life, the business and most importantly the freedom you desire.

You will have to do the work and stay in the room when shit gets too hard so you can feel the power rise up that is hiding inside of you!

And I am going to help you, support you and guide you to embrace your Inner Rebel. For You, your Life and your Soul.

The Rebel Shine Bootcamp is a 12-week guide to embracing who you are and creating a life you love.

Each week you will learn what it means to connect to your soul, unleash your purpose and how to claim your power. You will release the stories that are keeping you stuck and honor your own needs while taking inspired action to the life that want! 

Rebel’s Academy is a 12-week course that prepares you to take charge of your schedule and create the life you choose.

You really CAN build a business in the hours in the evening hours before bed. And if you can run a family, you already have the essential capabilities you need to run your business. Your creations, your experience and your time have value.

Rebel Kickstart is a monthly membership for women who are ready to go after what they want.

With monthly planning sessions, group calls, classes and private membership, there is no excuse to not take action! 

Do you care about living your best life? Do you want a clear vision and goals, but you get overwhelmed by the process?

5-minutes to Freedom is a 6-week email coaching program where you get unlimited support and accountability. 

I take on a small number of people for 1:1 life and business mentoring!

This is perfect for women who are ready to unleash themselves into the world and create a life or business they love. Women ready to ditch conformity and excuses. Women ready to take action while busting through limiting beliefs, step into your highest potential self, and co-create your desires with more ease.

I only take a couple of people for VIP Days a month! These are intense but get to the root of things quickly. 

This is perfect for women if you are done with the bullshit and ready to roll with the punches. In a 4-hour VIP day, we can create a lot of magic when we remove all the excuses and get straight to the point of it all. I provide a mix of nurture and tough love mixed with my empath intuition! 

Here’s what other’s have said about working with me:

Petra is a breakthrough coach. She opens up anything old and unneeded to you to help you jump and leap into all of who you are. She helps you dive deeply into the heart of things in order to discover your next steps. This, in turn, creates greater courage and realness that comes from within. I can’t thank her enough.

Petra is a kind, loving, spontaneous, and seriously funny mindset coach! She has a great sense of humor and down to earth realness. I would especially recommend her to any woman who is going through transitional challenges in her life, work and/or business or just within herself. Petra teaches women how to deeply embody their own truth and how to go beyond the limitations of their fears, while stretching into their true dream calling. Aishwarya L.

Petra has an amazing energy, spirit and honesty that provided space for clarity and removing stickiness from my life. She is warm, smart and compassionate coupled with a fantastic laugh that inspires you into action and remaining doubt. Michelle McC.