Break Free – Live your Life


Every story you tell yourself has an impact on your day, your week and your life. It will influences every single goal you are setting for yourself and whether or not your dreams will actually become something other than a wish.

And the stories you tell yourself are either excuses of why you are not where you want to be, or they are internal motivational speeches how badass you are.

Because let’s be real for a moment telling yourself that you are not good enough, smart enough or worthy enough is bullshit you picked up along the way growing up. Some experiences here and there have taught you this and you played this shit on repeat.

And until you decide to rewrite that story, you are just going to keep playing this old and broken record.

I help you shed the stories that keep you stuck, connect you to who you are so you can bring your vision to life.

Just imagine for a moment that you…

  • Feel good enough in every moment
  • Have the courage to speak your truth
  • Challenge your inner critic to a duel and win
  • Take inspired action and get shit done
  • Have confidence in you and your abilities

It’s time to rewrite your internal stories, to remove the bullshit that is holding you back and make things happen, so that your life reflects not only our vision but who you are.

Petra is awesome! She has helped me consistently with my mindset, time management and taking baby steps forward. Nikki

So what are you waiting on?

Reaching your goals will always be a struggle if you allow your limiting beliefs to run your mind. 

It’s time to rewrite the stories you tell yourself and create a strategy that gives you emotional freedom, so you can actually achieve what you want.

Choose your Package and commit to you!

What you can expect:  

  • Weekly Coaching Call for the 6-week and 3-month package.
  • Each week we get on Zoom for a 60-minute coaching session.
  • Conversation that supports you, challenges you and promotes growth
  • Customized homework between sessions.  
  • Action plan so you can reach your goals.

90-minutes of clarity

Sometimes we just need a little bit of clarity to propel us forward


6-Week Jump Start

Perfect for those who just need a little jump start to get going.

6 Weekly Sessions

The 6-Week Jump Start payment plan option is two payments of $600.


The 3-Months Boost

Perfect for those who want to want to reach a 90-day goal

12 Weekly Sessions

3-Month Boost payment plan option is three payments of $700.

Not ready to commit and want to talk to me first?

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All Services are customizable to your needs! 

 Payment plans are available and already incorporated. 

I had a wonderful session with Petra with invaluable insight. Her understanding gave me a much-needed boost to enact changes in my life. Much gratitude!Jehey Vy