This is incredibly profound to me.

You see the last time Germany won the world cup it was 1990 and it reminds me of my crazy teenage years and high-school. I wouldn’t categorize them as the best years – I don’t really believe that mentality anymore. It was an amazing time however even with some ill-begotten moments of drunkenness and decisions that, well just weren’t the best.

I was 15!

We were on our 9th-grade school field trip for one week to Italy. We had the best of times being tourists and lounging at the beach. I look at the pictures and am grateful for having connected with many of my classmates, as I still hold them dear to my heart. They have given me some of what I had been missing those days – friendship.

The game of soccer reminds me of friendship too!

On our way home, it was the final game.. and I mean THE final game. Germany vs Italy.

Our class was divided as some of our peers were from Italy or simply loved Italy more than Germany.. it was intense sitting on the bus ride home – everyone cheering for their favorite team. We arrived in Bad Homburg ready to celebrate. Parents bought champagne to celebrate but I was in foster care and didn’t have the luxury but I remember my social worker turning her head, allowing me to celebrate with my peers.

Back then I had such a strong bond with a few chosen friends. It’s been 20 years since I have seen them face to face but I still feel the same today about them and celebrate their success from afar.

But the world cup every game – every time I remember that trip. Remembering our class of ’90 and how close we were and how we supported each other through the year. It was not too long before the graduation field trip that we as a class stuck together taking a stand against a teacher who belittled one of our favorite teachers and us quite often.

The world cup really reminds me what it means to stand up for one another – even if we are not all the best of friends but for the sake of the whole being – we were one.

I am happy Germany won – and thankful for the memories.

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