Have you ever said, why me?

Another situation that is leaving you overwhelmed.

Another struggle that is causing your frustration.

I know I have many times in my life. But it was never from a place of what I can do about it. It was always from a place of “I have been through enough shit already”.

I was consistently asking myself, why me.

Why did I have to be the one to grow up in foster care.
Why did I have to be the one to experience hurt and rejection.

Have you ever asked yourself, why you?

Why you had this experience or another?

Now, look at how far you have come and ask yourself:

Why not you?

You are:

  • strong
  • resilient
  • intelligent
  • creative

No seriously, you have all those things and much more. It’s the reason you have made it this far in life, which means you can go even further.

You are,

  • the light in someone else’s life because of your experiences
  • the guidance someone needs to handle their own struggles
  • the inspiration someone needs to get out of bed in the morning

You are all those things and so much more and I want to really feel and believe that. Own the parts of you that have helped you get here.

You are meant to be here, right in this moment and in every moment, because you are showing others what can be done. You are literally guiding the way for those that can’t see another way.

You have a dream of a better life, a life that brings peace and joy and every day you get up going for it, again and again, because you really don’t know any other way, and perhaps part of you is wondering, when will it change.

It will change when you are ready to say, “Why not me” and look at your experiences from a perspective of having strength and courage.

We are all human and we all want to feel inspired and motivated to make a change, so why not you, showing all the other humans on how it can be done?


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