The best things happen when we are not attached to the outcome and allow us to be guided in ways that feel good. When you feel good then there is no room for overwhelm, stress or other little inconveniences.

On this last day of the year, reflect on your experiences not just for the year but those of your lifetime. Everything you’ve lived through and experiences has been your initiation to fulfilling your purpose. Take in those little moments you felt the overwhelm and the moments you felt good. Acknowledge the difference and take some notes on how to move through it in the future.

Don’t forget to take time to rest and allow yourself to take it all in so you can give honor to those moments that made you grow in ways you’ve never imagined.

During your resting period, take a moment to yourself with your favorite drink and write out your intention as clear and detailed as possible. Keep it close by where you can read it and reflect on it and stay focused on moving towards your goal. Really acknowledge on how you want to feel and decide who you need to be in order to achieve that feeling.

But as you do to stay in the flow and ensure that you have times of getting out in nature so you can stay grounded. If you are feeling overwhelmed or too fragmented take that as your cue to stop and step away.

Sometimes the best clarity comes to you when you take the time to nurture yourself. And maybe that’s in a form of a new adventure. Where you kind of make a plan of where to go and what to do but you’re not restricting yourself and instead give yourself the flexibility to allow intuition to guide you.

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