Oh, you know it’s only those little nudges that tell you to take action. Intuition is different from your ego. Ego will try to talk you out of taking action. It will try to convince you that your dream and vision is just a silly notion and why bother.

Your intuition is your inner compass of moving forward, calling you into action.  Go quietly for just a moment and listen to your intuition. Notice what it is telling you and the feeling that comes up.  But let’ not overcomplicate things, which is something we all tend to do.

Most common response to vision is “I don’t know how to get there”. And that is scary but as brilliant as you are, you know there is away, and there is always a search engine with the answer. Saying you don’t know how to get there, disappoints you because you are backing out on the commitment you have made to your vision.

Intuition is also the voice that tells you, nope this doesn’t feel aligned with who you are. But how do you tell the difference between intuition and ego?

Journal it out. Write about it. Acknowledge any fears, resistance that may come up and see how you feel afterwards. If it’s still a nope and you are left with that uncomfortable feeling in your gut, then your intuition is telling you either that it’s not for you, or at least not right now.

Give yourself permission to change goals and revisit the list of your ideas. Remember not all your ideas are going to be great or awesome. I once decided that opening a retail store supporting artist would be exactly the thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I closed the store a year later.

I stuck with it for a year but 6 months in, I hated it.

My intuition told me that this isn’t my thing. Being stuck in a store 5-7 days a week, not having the freedom that I wanted, just wasn’t my thing. I worked through the pain of it not being the success I had hoped for.

And then I wrote out my vision of what I wanted to achieve in life, and I realized that retail with a physical store front was and is not part of my vision. Be okay with your vision changing and trust your intuition. It is after all the best navigational system we have

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