I am certain unlike Katy Perry’s song, I would not have liked it. You see, I was driving on the back roads heading to work going around a turn when another car going the other direction was in the middle of the street.

My initial thought was “Dude, share the road!”

As I maneuvered safely around the car without landing in the ditch or kissing said tree, I refocused my thoughts on how lucky I am and that I am grateful for my skill of driving my little “Hamster Mobile”. I send some good wishes to the other driver and hope that he or she decided to drive a little safer.

Too often we think – and yes I included – that those back roads are not traveled well but the truth is that people live out that way, and they too must get to work, or go home, or take their kid to the baseball game.

We really need to just pay attention. When we run late in the mornings for whatever reason, let that not be the reason to speed through the roads unsafely. Instead, take your time and tell your boss that you’re late because you chose to be a safe driver.

I am grateful that I made to my work in one piece, that I can help another child make it through the day.

We should all slow down a little to be grateful to be alive. Slow to appreciate the little (and big) things, you have and most importantly the people in your life.

Slow down to watch your child play in the water or graduate from elementary school.

Stop whipping around the turns in the middle of the road and missing out on the important pieces of life.

Dear Driver who ran me almost off the road, thank you for reminding me to take my time!



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